Dertoline P2L


Pentaerytithol Rosin Ester P2L

DERTOLINE P2L is a rosin esterified with pentaerythritol, deodorized and stabilized. It is a very light colored tackifying resin mainly recommended for Hot Melt adhesives based on EVA copolymers.

Softening point, Ring and Ball ,      °C                                  98
Acid value,                                 mg KOH / g                    10
Gardner colour,                           50 resin / 50 toluene         2

DRT analytical methods are available on request
Viscosity                    at 160°C, mPa.s                                 500
Viscosity                    at 20°C, 50 resin / 50 toluene, mPa.s      9
Molecular weight (Mw),        g / mole                                   1100
Glass transition temperature (Tg),         °C                             50

Totally soluble in aromatic, aliphatic and chlorinated solvents.
Not soluble in alcohols, ketones (except butanol and MEK)
Compatible with ethylene / vinyl acetate copolymers, ethylene, ethyl acrylate, block copolymers (SIS, SBS), natural and synthetic rubbers (SBR, Butyl, Chloroprene).
Compatible with terpene phenolic resins, polyterpene resins and some hydrocarbons resins.

EVA based Hot Melt for packaging, bookbinding, woodworking, labelling and hygiene.
Road marking Hot Melt.