C5 Resin

Kunlun® LH100-1hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin


Kunlun® LH100-1 is light color, with excellent adhesiveand cohesive properties, and wide compatibility,solubility and heat stability

Characteristic of Kunlun® LH100-1

Property LH100-1

3.50-9.49  Yellow Index YI Color Grade
1 50%toluene/50%resine Gardner A
100±5 Softening Point
0.5≥  KOH mg/g Acid
250≥ mPa.s,190’C Viscosity
3≥  Br2g/100g Bromine value
0.3≤  % Antioxidant
210≤  ℃ Flash point
220≤  ℃ Burning point
0.002≥  % Ash


Hot Melt AdhesivesPressure Sensitive AdhesivesSolvent based Adhesives


Kunlun® LH100-1 is available with the form of pellet andpacked in bags of 25 kg