Chloroprene rubber SN232 is a general purpose; it is obtained by mercaptan modified and Chloroprene monomer by emulsion polymerization with medium rate of crystallization, for using a Nairit recipe and process technology. It can be seen as an equivalent to Dupont W of the United States.


Φ  Good properties of physical machanics and plastication;

Ψ  Compared with CR232, SN232 is superior in processability, can be mixed without mastication, the surface of sheet is flat and smooth and non-stick to the mill rolls, is used in the form of a blend with many types of chloroprene rubber;

Very lower compression set and excellent elasticity;

ϒ Has the same processability as Dupont W of the United States;

θ  Good resistance to oil, chemical, sunlight, abrasion, as well as extension of the fine is not flammable;

Ξ  Better storage stability.

White or grey chips, with talcum as a release agent, no mechanical impurities.

Typical property

Item SN232
Mooney viscosity ML (1+4) 100 ºC 42 – 54
Mooney scorch,    MSt5 (min) ≥ 12
Module at 500% elongation,    MPa 2 – 5
Tensile strength,     MPa ≥ 13
Ultimate elongation,    % ≥ 700
Mass fraction of volatiles,    wt. % ≤ 0.8
Mass fraction of ash,     wt. % ≤ 1.0

Comparable grades

DuPont, American:    W

Denka, Japan:        M-40

Lanxess, Germany:    210


SN232, which is the most widely used grade of neoprene, especially suitable for production things of the conveyor belts, extruded bars, a variety of hoses, tapes and adhesives, rubber seals, as well as wire and cable