Chloroprene rubber SN244 is high bond strength, it is obtained by mercaptan modified and Chloroprene monomer by emulsion polymerization with high rate of crystallization, for using a Nairit recipe and process technology. It can be seen as equivalent to Dupont AD-40 of the United States.


Fast rate of crystallization and stronger cohesion;

Ω The highest viscosity among the SN24- series;

Compared with CR244, has better solubility and uniformity;

Adhesive cements prepared by SN244 is light in color and storage stability;

Ø Excellent bonding strength, quick grips, easy handling, the adhesion layer to keep a long time, can be dissolved in toluene or mixed solvents;

λ Good resistant to ozone, weather, oil, chemical corrosion and extension of the fine is not flammable;

Δ The same applied properties as Dupont AD-40 of the United States.

White or light yellow chips, with talcum as a release agent, no mechanical impurities.

Typical property

Item SN244
Broodfield solution viscosity,  5% toluene solution, 25 ºC, mPa.s 76 – 115
Mass fraction of volatiles,   wt. % ≤ 1.3
Mass fraction of ash,    wt. % ≤ 1.0

Comparable grades

Dupont, American:    AD-40

Denka, Japan:         A-120

Lanxess, Germany:     350

Application :

SN244, which is a basic raw material of preparing adhesive cements, can be used alone or combination with other types, preparing adhesive where a very higher tack is required. Adhesive is suitable for bonding of the shoe industry, rubber leather, wood, metal and construction materials.