Chloroprene rubber SNR237T is a specific grade, it is obtained by mercaptan modified and Chloroprene monomer which is polymerized in emulsion with medium crystallization tendency. It can be seen as an equivalent to Denka M-130H of Japan.


*  A very high Mooney viscosity and a medium rate of crystallization and the same properties as SNR238 and SNR239;

*  Excellent cohesion and better solubility, especially in preparing adhesive;

*  Can be used alone or combination with SNR242, has prolong the effect of open bonding time;

*  In the production, vulcanizate maintains its good physical properties when a large amount of fillers and oils are added;

*  The same applied properties as Denke M-130H of Japan.

White or light yellow chips, with talcum as a release agent, no mechanical impurities

Typical property

2700- 1510Broodfield solution viscosity, 10% toluene solution at 25 ºC, mPa.s
0.8>=Mass fraction of volatiles %wt
1.0>=Mass fraction of ash, %wt

Comparable grades
Denka, Japan:         M-130H        
Lanxess, Germany:     243-2, 253-1


SNR237T, which is mainly suitable for production goods of highly loading and preparing adhesive cement, production things of the conveyor belts, a variety of hoses, rubber seals, and some hard good.