Abad Mehregan Co. established from 2005 our main activities based on Herb Powders, Petro Chemical Catalyses, Rosin Ester resin, Hydrocarbon Resin, SIS , EVA and other raw chemical products for Adhesive and Paint and Poly-Olefine industrials.
We Supplier and trader of raw Chemical Materials in Middle East , our range of activity concentrated on PINE’S CRUDE GUM from Europ manufacturer from 2005 and Styrene Elastomers . We have business with most of Middle East Countries. Our products have high quality with reasonable prices are offered to customers

Pine Chemicals :

We devote to introduce the local dominant resources to overseas customers. We focus on full range of Pine Chemicals products including ™ Rosins, Resins, Turpentine, Terpene Alcohol derivates and relative Takifiers. With hundreds of customers and end-users worldwide have been sourcing from us and satisfied with our quality products over the past decade. We are one of the most professional & full range pine chemicals suppliers in Middle East
Styrenic Block Copolymers :(SIS ,SBS ,SEBS and etc)
Look to Abad Mehregan for a comprehensive range of SBCs and resources to help you ensure needs for rugged, cost effective products and applications. SIS styrenic block copolymers have proven their value for a wide range of applications in the Automotive, Consumer, Adhesives, Bitumen modifications and Medical markets
Catalyses Avant:

we supply different kind of Catalyses for Perto-chemical Plants for producing PE, PP, ABS and also for Oil refineries plant too.

    • Avant ZN M1          ,  Avant ZN 227 S
    • Avant ZN 272 M      , Avant 501
Hydrocarbon Resin:
    • C5 Resin
  • C9 Resin